Quality Education

Providing quality education is one of our major objectives. We define quality as a measure of establishing our students stand out to fulfill basic needs and value culture and language

Better Future

Our education is always inclined towards future. We have added approaches to complete with english medium institutions which is one perfect aspect for students to have good background for their futher studies in future.


Students learning from qualified educational masters and teachers add up more knowledge to their lives. While learning and passing out of our institution. they will already have a strong experience in their subjects.

Strong Background

Dicipline is what students practice in their studies, as a perfect discipline follower student comes out competitive in the real world society. They capability to make better ones career.

Words From..

Sanulal Byanjankar

" It is an honour for me to welcome you to Shramik Shanti Secondary school, Chyasal. Since its establishment, SS school has been providing quailtu education through Science, Humanities, Management and Education programs and focusing on producing capable human resouece at resonable cost. We are very concerned to provide quality education for our students. The school is healthy and productive for learning environments.

Our students have proven time and time again over the last six decades that a publice school education of the personality of the students. Education is here truly extends beyond the confines of the classroom at Shramik Shanti

Our faculty enlarges the learning experience. The teachers are actively involoved in the extra and co-curricular activities that are pencilled into the daily routine of the students. Even on the sports firld, teachers take an active interest and share a healthy rapport with the students.

Each day, I took forward with optimism and enthusiasm as SS School is an outstanding place to work and learn. we have begun a new year of learning and growing together! "

Babu Krishna Byanjankar

" I feel a great pleasure and honour to share my feelings with you all. About the school, the Head teacher of our school has expressed a lot. I think it is not necesssary to repeat them all.

However, I feel necessary to express my commitment for modern and advanced use of educational teachnology for quality education for our students. I will do my all sorts of efforts for the benefit of the students and for futher advance of the school as a whole.

I heartlyand sincerety thank all the memevers of the school management committe, teacher staff, guardians, students and all of the personalities concerned for their contributions for the socio-educational cause. "


The academic curriculum of Sharmik Shanti School uses integrated programs and takes advantage of our small, supportive learning environment to prepare all the students for university and beyond. Out extraordinary teachers and staff take advantage of all teachable moments whereever and whenever they appear. this allows learning to take place both in the classroom and out as well.

Out staff is comprised of a wonderful blend of skilled veterans and fresh, energitic teachers. They collaborate to create an integrated learning environment.


  • Scholoral Schemes
    • A+ 100% Free
    • A 50% Free
    • B+ 25% Free
  • Tuition fee of one of each stream and from each of the boys and girls group admitted in this school with their highest G.P.A will be free
  • Tuition fee of one of the poor but intelligent students of each of the stream will be free
  • Further steps of facilities will be made according to the condition and strength of the school